We are currently working with many buyers who are interested in purchasing a home in Hayward. Hayward represents for buyers the right neighborhood to raise their family, good schools for their children and their daily commute.

They are extremely serious and financially qualified buyers and prepared to make an offer immediately.

As you can see below due to the current situation we're facing. there's an extremely short inventory of homes available and we're seeing 10 to 20 or more offers for any given home for sale now.

If you are planning to sell your property or just have questions, please call or text us at 509-9999. Your call will be held in confidence and we promise you will be more informed after our call. We won't bore you with scipted pitches or waste your time with things you see on the internet.

A MESSAGE FOR AGENTS- Now more than ever agents, from independents, to agents in large brokerages must collaborate more than ever especially now. Thus we have launched websites like this with one mission in mind: to sell more homes and help buyers and sellers. Please contact us to see how we can collaborate by sharing leads and co-market properties. We only have so many hours a day and we need to work smart.

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